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Public relations, accounting and customer service are just some of the essential parts of successful restaurant management, and the manager has one of the most important roles, often dealing with both the customers and the staff. Whether you work in restaurant management or supervise an employee who does, keep in mind the following:

Even if a customer has an unreasonable or unrealistic complaint, it has to be handled appropriately and how it’s addressed can mean that customer eating there again. Basically, the customer is always right.

For a restaurant to run smoothly, each employee should be good at their job and should have a clear idea of what is expected of them.

Low cost yet effective advertising can take advantage of the various social networking sites, and it’s just one way to advertise your restaurant, an essential part of being successful and attracting customers.

One way to advertise your restaurant is through social media to become successful.

It’s important to regularly monitor cash flow every day, week and month so that you have an accurate idea of how much money is coming in and how much is going out. You run the risk of your restaurant failing if you don’t grasp this simple yet important concept.

Whether it’s a two for one dinner deal at slower times to happy hour reduced price drinks, promotions are important and play a big part in attracting customers. Target your promotions according to your clientele, whether singles, couples or families.

Expanding into catering services for small or larger events is an excellent way to make money and promote the restaurant, especially as you already have everything in place to do that – staff, equipment and of course, food.

Tracking and analyzing customer numbers, payroll costs and sales trends by creating a business report every day is a must for any restaurant. Using a point of sale system allows you to track popular menu items, cut costs and generally improve profits.

Using a point of sale system allows you to track popular menu items, cut costs and generally improve profits.

Your menu item prices should appeal to customers but at the same time to maximize profits and keep costs down, especially as the costs of food vary regularly. Small steps such as low flow faucets and energy efficient lighting can also save you money.

Accounting, dealing with customers and hiring employees are just some of your responsibilities if you work in restaurant management, and the many tools available can help to make the job a lot easier.

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