Recommended Restaurants for Business Meetings

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You will never run out of food choices in Thailand. It’s one of those countries that promise 10 pounds in three days. In fact, you don’t even need restaurants. You can pretty much walk the street and you will most likely find something that will satisfy your cravings. However, if what you are after is a food and a place where you can talk business, you will not find that in every restaurant. Below is a list of restaurants worth checking out for business meetings.

Mandarin Oriental

There are eight restaurants within the hotel. If you want to go, French, check out the Le Normandie. The China House specializes in Chinese cuisine. They also offer other Asian food.

If you want some seafood, head to Lord Jim’s and The Verandah if all you want is coffee and some pastries. Their house blend is good enough but they also serve cold coffee. You can also try the BBQ Riverside Terrace if you want to feel homey. If you want authentic Thai cuisine, the Sala Rim Naam Thai Restaurant is where you will find that. You can also stay out and bask under the sun in the Terrace Rim Naam and Ciao.

Finally, if you want to have some drinks, try the Afternoon Tea and The Bamboo Bar. Madison Located that the Four Seasons Hotel, you will find the best steaks in Bangkok in this restaurant. They also offer Asian cuisines.

Thai Food

You might want to start out with the bread that is served right out of the oven. It doesn’t have a very good view but the interior gives a very subdues aura. The place is relatively quiet and spaces between tables allow for a free conversation. Kuppa The place is just one of the most spacious restaurants you will ever find. The floor to ceiling windows also gives the place a more “open” feel which can truly relax guests.

This place is especially recommended if you are meeting an Australian. It is owned by a Thai and an Australian and you will that it is evident in their menu. They offer Australian beef and traditional Thai food. Blue Elephant If you are in the area of Sathorn, Blue Elephant is the best restaurant for business meetings there. You will not only get good food but the place itself can serve as an icebreaker because of the history of the building. It is more than a hundred years old and it is also a cooking school. The restaurant did well in incorporating the nostalgic edge they have by having dishes like Forgotten Recipes.

Calderazzo & Ugolini

If you ever find out that you are meeting with someone who wants Italian food, take them here at the Caderrazzo & Ugolini. Their food is on par with dishes from restaurants in Italy. They also have the best wine selection in all of Chidlom.

Italian Food
The place itself looks and feels homier than other restaurants.

Tapas Cafe

As the name would imply, the restaurant offers Spanish Cuisine and there is nothing better than Tapas. The place itself looks and feels homier than other restaurants. The service is the same as what you will get in restaurants in 5-star hotels but the ambience feels more casual. I would also suggest ordering right away because it takes them some time to cook the Tapas. You might be able to finish your meeting before it arrives.

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